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Archives / April 22, 2020

Kudumbasree Loans  distribution begin on the 23rd April

          In the time of the flood, a loan had been implemented through kudumbashree. Then our state government finally announced a Rs 2,000 crore project . Eligible kudumbasree members were offered interest free loans upto Rs 20,000. When the number of applicants was taken out of the 43 lakh beneficiaries, 35 lakh said they would need...CONTINUE READING

How to save and invest money for your children education

         Today we want to share with you about how to easily find money for our children’s education. Let us see how we can do financial planning for it and see how to set up a financial goal for education. Find out how far away our children’s education. Now figure out how much that course cost....CONTINUE READING

You can earn Rs 25000 per month 

        The lockdown has been extended again. For the next 20 days, peoples are back at home. A lot of people have asked  if I could make some income at home . The problem though that most non- native websites don’t introduced them . If you do a Google search ,you will find a lot of...CONTINUE READING