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Archives / April 18, 2020

Special food supply from the central government 

          In this time of Covid19 ,the central government has allocated a total amount of about 1.7 lakh a crores for the implementation of a common scheme called Garib Kalyan Yojana. As part of that plan, the decision was taken to distribute free food items to various states, across the country. Its  distribution in Kerala will...CONTINUE READING

Pravasi ID card

         NORKA is a government run organisation for the benefits of Keralites  working outside India and abroad. NRKA issues identity cards to all Pravasi malayalees. It is not just an identity card, it also has a lot of government benefits including insurance coverage. Now is the most critical time for Pravasi’s .             B  bThere are a...CONTINUE READING

How to type Malayalam voice typing in mobile 

         Usually typing in Malayalam using your mobile, Facebook and WhatsApp in a difficult task . But with such difficulties to cease we need talking about it in our mobile phone . Now such a system has come . This can be done on your mobile too. Let us see in this video how to do...CONTINUE READING