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Archives / April 16, 2020

Free gas cylinder for 3 months 

             As we  know, the central government has allocated Rs 1.7 lakh crore for the Garib Kalyan Yojana scheme for 3 months. This is a specially designed project on the time of current covid-19. Those who have Jan Dhan account ,will be get this benefit of women account holders. In addition, they have been offering a...CONTINUE READING

Personality depend on the position of skin moles 

                     To say that, the mole is related to behaviour is to some extent it is true . Moles are not just in the places where we look, there will also be hides in hidden parts . You can evaluate it yourself. It is possible to make an impression about others. When  you ask a doctor...CONTINUE READING

Add Name in Birth registration Certificate

              Birth certificate is the first record of a child  being born on earth. Therefor parents may not decide naturally ,what to  name when the child is born . Then there will be case the birth certificate is registered ,but the name was not added. It is only then that they things of adding the name...CONTINUE READING