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Archives / April 12, 2020

Free gas cylinder for 3 months

                 Another project of the central government is announced in the time of this code 19 .This  is a plan for the wellbeing of all of us. The central government has launched special projects worth Rs 1.7 lakh crore. Of  this,a scheme to provide women with a Jan Dhan account of Rs 500 each for 3...CONTINUE READING

Skin whitening remedy at home

            I have come today, it is a good tip for skin whitening. Here is  the best home remedy to whiten the skin and face. This remedy that a lot of people requested. This is done  with the ingredients that are now available in the home. Now the beauty parlours are closed . It is not...CONTINUE READING
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Free loans from  welfare fund boards

         We know that the state government has announced a package worth Rs 20,000 crore during this lockdown. From that ,a major decision is now being taken. About  40 lakhs of workers in our state who are on a currently subsistence stopped. Let me share with you some of the biggest financial aid available in various...CONTINUE READING