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Archives / April 8, 2020

How to survey a land

              Land surveying is a technique determining the three-dimensional positions of points ,angles and distances between them . Land is measured by a land surveyor. They are used to establish maps and boundaries for locations, ownership and building corner of surface location of subsurface and purpose of for property sales.        Land surveyors use theodolite, retroflectors, 3D...CONTINUE READING

A simple work from home with Paytm payout 

                  This is the  time when offline job opportunities are decreasing . The possibilities for online jobs are also growing rapidly . Many of those people who are working offline ,now have a tendency to select the online sectors. Today we are going to share with you how to make an income through online.         We have...CONTINUE READING
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A one year warranty washing machine for Rs 2500

           A washing machine for just Rs 2500 . It is something to be surprised. You can wash your dress in 10 minutes and that too with less electricity . This low cost washing machine is designed by Murugesan from Coimbatore ,who have 40 years of work experience. It has 6 litre or 8 litre storage...CONTINUE READING