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Archives / April 3, 2020

How to get Mudra bank loan 

            Mudra Bankis an   agency of central government. It is a  micro units development refinance Agency. This is a provision of Central Government bail for those who take loan. This project was launched in 2015 by our Prime Minister Modi .Mudra bank loan is a scheme for entrepreneurs and traders to get the loan from...CONTINUE READING

How to make a sweet  soft bun in our home

       Here  we see how to make a homemade sweet bun that we buy from the Bakery.  Ingredients  Maida        – 1 ½ cup  Yeast          – 1 teaspoon  Sugar           – 2 tablespoon  Salt           – 2 pinch  Milk( room temperature)  ...CONTINUE READING

What is  Moratorium

                  At this time the whole country is lockdown ,everyone knows that the Reserve Bank brought the information about Moratorium . There was never been a situation like this before, most of us have no way of knowing what the Moratorium is.  Let us see what is Moratorium ?          Moratorium in a concession offered by a...CONTINUE READING