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Archives / April 2020

Bring back Malayalees from all over the world 

         All arrangements have been made for the Pravasi Malayalees to return to our home land. Registration for it is nearing completion. For Keralites, who are now in different states, for various reasons ,this is a great news . Now it is the  time for them to return to their homeland. For details on its registration...CONTINUE READING

Ration card  distribution through Akshaya centres

          There will be many schemes of the central government /State Government. The latest news is  in front of you. Our state government has already begun its process . What we know at present, as far as the ration card is concerned .There was a news, from now onwards ration card applications will be accepted through...CONTINUE READING
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State Government is ready to welcome Non- Resident Keralites

           Currently, there are  news reports on the return of working Pravasi’s from our state and our country which is spread across 200 countries around the world.  Although the first process to begin transporting pravasi’s by air gas begun , there are now plans to finally take the shipping route . Our state government was preparing...CONTINUE READING

Free ration kit for BPL card holders

               It’s a remember for you. Starting on the 27 th, the state government has started distributing free kit for BPL card holders, that is, priority category with the 17 items which are scheduled to be distributed . Currently not everyone gets a day. Distribution is currently decided on a token basis. It  is a condition...CONTINUE READING

Covid help for Priority households

          In a news conference yesterday, the Honorable chief minister of Kerala shri  pinarayi Vijayan has stated that Rs 1000 will be given to the priority category ration cards. This is especially for priority household cards. This means that it is available to card holders of BPL pink colour ration cards. They should not become members...CONTINUE READING

Norka registration for Pravasi’s starts at  25/04/20 midnight

                  For Pravasi’s who wish to return home, the NORKA site can be registered by midnight on 25/04/20. There are two or three days time for registration. No one should  be in a hurry . NORKA’s site is a bit slow . More ever when we register ,we will consider others only ,after considering the sick,...CONTINUE READING

To find which one is best for investment ,Chit fund or mutual fund SIP 

                         we would l tell you about the main similarities and differences between chitties and mutual funds.  Similarities  Both of these are not schemes that will get us  back a certain amount.       For example, If you invest Rs 10,000 in a fixed deposit ,consider 9 % interest. After one year, you will get an interest of...CONTINUE READING

How to make  egg bread sandwich

        We make an egg sandwich that everyone likes . This is something we can prepare and eat quickly. Surely you will like it. Let’s see what are the ingredients.  Onion           – 1 ( cut it into long shaped)  Capsicum      – ½ ( cut it into long shaped )...CONTINUE READING
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Again mustering for disburse  pension amount

                This is a good news for a few people currently in the time of covid 19. The amount of money that is paid to the general social security and welfare pensions and to  those who have completed mastering of Rs 8500. At present,there are people who are unable to complete the mustering due to various...CONTINUE READING
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