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Solar Mini inverter

 Solar inverter is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable DC output of a PV solar panel into AC that can be fed into a commercial grid or off grid electrical network.        

                The functions adapted for or use with photo Voltaic arrrays including powerPoint tracking .The Solar Mini inverter used in isolated systems where the inverted draws its dc energy  from battery charged by photo vaultaic arrays. Solar power inverter are on-grid and off- grid in India with adorable prices.

                  solar energy is derived from the energy of the Sun. solar power is free after the initial investment of setting up the system.It is also efficient and free of pollution planning to run your house completely on solar power requires considerable financial ,mental and emotional Investments. 

                  Solar inverters use maximum power point to get from the PV array. These cells are complex relationship between temperature, solar iradiation, total resistance that reproduce nonlinear output  deficiency called IV curve .Output of the cells and determine load to obtain maximum power for any environmental conditions.

 Types of solar inverter

 Off grid inverter,

 These are used in remote system. The solar inverter fed  DC power from battery panel, this battery charging by solar panel 

Grid tie inverter 

This inverter which is associated with  grid can be said to be a grid tie inverter. This inverter feed power in the electricity by phase and frequency .This frequency range 50 hertz in India .This inverters are designed to automatically shutdown once sensing loss of supply.

 Battery backup inverter

 These are particularly designed to draw energy from a battery. These inverters have the ability to provide AC power to particular loads during power outage.


  •  It helped in the  decreasing greenhouse effect. 
  • It help in decreasing global warming.
  • With help of saving money and energy
  • This support people who use a partial amount of electricity. 
  • It is suitable for commercial establishments.


  •  we need to shell out a lot of money for purchasing Solar inverter.
  •  It is used to attract the sunshine needs lot of space.
  •  Battery which is available in charge fully with the help of sunshine.
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