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How to get a Birth Certificate online 

Birth certificate is an important vital record of a person .It can refer to either the original document certifying  the circumstances of a birth .It is an important identity document as it establishes the date of once birth.

 Benefits of birth registration

 birth registration opens the door to rights to grandad children and adults

  •  to prove their nationality.
  •  to Prove their age
  •  to take exams
  •  to be adopted
  •  to go to school.
  •  To open bank account
  •  to hold a driving licence
  •  to obtain passport
  •  protection from underage Military Services
  •  to marry 
  •  to vote

Disadvantage of not having birth certificate

  •  Difficult to get treatment when sick
  • difficult to stay in schools and keep a regular job 
  • tougher to get protection 
  • Tougher to  get election card, passport and PAN card

 Need to do Birthday registration

  • The birth has to be registered with the concerned local authorities within 21 days .
  • birth registration is issued after verification with the actual record of concerned Hospital .
  • If birthday regitration is not done within specified period then registration can be done within 1 year .
  • If registration has not been done within one year the registration can be made anytime by submitting the affidavit before first class magistrate. The magistrate verify and issues the order to registrar to enter the entries of birth in birth register.
  •  Registrar will ask to deposit fee amount.

How to apply

  •  Get birth certificate registration form from the concerned Registrar office.
  •  Fill the form and submit  to registrar 
  • verification of birth records done by registrar 
  • Birth Certificate can be obtained within 12 months .

How to apply Birth Certificate online

  •  For online process the birth has to be reported through a website within 21 days of the birth. 
  • Print the application and forward it to the concerned Registrar by hand .
  • you will receive a confirmation mail on the email Id .
  • users will be informed about the status through email.
  •  To check the status in the application reference number on the website. 
  • After under process the birth certificate will be delivered.

 How we get birth certificate 

  • First we login the government website cr.isgkerala.gov.in 
  • Click the civil registration certificate
  • The site redirected to  another website www.cr.isgkerala.gov.in .It is a website of sevana.
  •  click the link of certificate search 
  • enter the details of district and submit 
  • select the year, 
  • The window reached a page of birth registration form. enter name, date of birth, gender ,mother’ s name 
  • click the search and we get a birth certificate download it.
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