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Solarpowered refrigerator

 solarpowered refrigerator is a refrigerator which runs on solar energy directly by sun. The solar system is ideal for use in commercial or household refrigerators.It eliminate reliance on an electric grid.It does not requires battery ,stores thermal energy for sufficient use, when sunlight is absent .The power is supplied  not by domestic electrical supply system but from solar panel .The solar panels are fitted with photo voltaic cell that convert solar energy to electrical energy and restore it in the battery. 

                        The energy of the sun to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. It eliminates the need for batteries. It operates continuously for years .It suits from portable 52litre coolers to building size air cooling system .

                     It applied for refrigerators air cooling systems, coolers, ice makers and freezers. Solarpowered refrigerators are able to keep perishable goods such as meat,diary cool in hot climates. These type of refrigerators are used to  keep much needed vaccines at appropriate temperature This is used in off grid locations.

 Solar fridges Are introduced in the developing world to cut down on the uses of kerosene or Gas powered absorption refrigerator .The solarpowered refrigerators are used for both vaccine storage and household application in are as without reliable electrical supply. solarpowered refrigerator are  characterized by thick insulation and use of a DC compressor .


  • solar power is pollution free system
  • It causes no greenhouse of gases to be emitted after installation .
  • Clean power available every day of the year ,even cloudy days.
  •  Reduced foreign oil 
  • No need of maintenance last over 30 years. 
  • Very useful in far off remote places where there is no continuous supply of electricity.
  • Use  batteries to store extra power for Use at night.
  •  Safer than electrical current it is used to power cars,building heat water, power homes.


  • high initial cost for materials
  •  There is a need for a large battery bank for solar power at night 
  • More expensive
  •  Cloudy days do not produce much energy 
  • The Solar collectors can be Kept on terrace but still they will occupy lots of space .
  • The technology has not been developed to the stage for carrying out commercial production of the Solar refrigerators.
  • High cost of solar equipments , their low deficiency and large size ,few companies have not yet made them the popular choice.

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