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Ten ways to keep your house clean

Sometimes people ring your doorbell without giving you prior notice and your house is a mess. There could not be anything more embarrassing than that.  Relatives and friends who pass by often decide to just drop by your house. This is widely practiced especially in developing nations. How do we make sure that our houses are clean when others step in?

Let us be clear that our houses will not magically clean themselves. Homes should be clean not only when others come  but for ourselves to live in. So how do we get started?

  1. Routines, routines and routines- Every person who keeps their house clean has a cleaning routine. They have systems that work for them and tools to assist them. There should be a time and day set for various chores in the house. All the cleaning equipment should be available in the house and restocked as soon as they are about to run out.
  2. Get help- One person should not be responsible for cleaning the entire house. The whole family has to do their part. Train your children from childhood to do small chores in the house like garbage disposal, picking up toys etc. Adults in the house should share cleaning responsibilities such as doing the dishes, vacuuming/ mopping the floors etc. Train your  grown-up children to clean their own room, make their own beds and throw household garbage. However, in many developing countries it is seen as the job of the woman to keep the house spic and span.
  3. Identify the time and places to clean- Clean houses do not just have the floors or the beds clean but the various neglected parts of the house are given a lot of importance. There should be separate days for laundry based on the number of loads per week. Ceiling fans, doors, windows , flowers in the vases, shoe racks, cupboards and wardrobes should be cleaned at least every three months. All appliances such as vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioners, microwave oven, grinder, dishwasher, etc. should be cleaned once a month. There are weekly chores like cleaning the toilets, dusting all the side tables, mirrors, surfaces, keeping all shoes in an orderly fashion, straightening the sofa cushions, mopping floors, vacuuming etc. Daily chores like making the bed, washing dishes, drying and putting them back inside, picking up the toys, throwing the garbage, cleaning the stove and countertop, washing the sink should be done as part of the routine. 
  4. Do not procrastinate – Procrastination is the worst enemy of a clean house. Once something has been taken out of its place, be quick to put it back in its original place. Always keep cleaning while moving from point A to point B. This will ensure that a lot of work is not heaped onto you when guests arrive. 
  5. Keep your cleaning equipment accessible- If you have a two-storied house make sure that cleaning equipment is

available on both the first floor and on the ground floor. This will help you to clean efficiently as you move around.

  1. Hire someone to clean your house periodically- One person alone might not be able to reach every nook and corner of the house. It is very helpful to have a hired hand to clean the outdoor area and the rest of the house.
  2. Throw the clutter out -The rule is if you do not touch something for 6 months then you probably do not need it at all. It is better to throw things out than clutter your house with things that are not needed. Organize your home and throw old, dusty and blunt things out of the house. Do not save old batteries and pens that ran out of ink. 
  3. Paint your house- Painting a house is indeed very costly. However, your house might look old and dilapidated if it is not painted periodically. Make sure your house is painted at least every three years.
  4. Keep pests at bay- There is no point keeping your house clean if a cockroach starts running in the house when a guest is at home. Pests can be a menace and pesticides should be used at least once a year so that pests like cockroaches, spiders, termites and rats are kept at bay. Keep your drains clean by pouring cleaning detergent in sink drains of kitchens and washrooms at least twice a week.
  5. Invest in decorating- Even a small house can look beautiful if the interiors are decorated with soothing colours. Keep your house simple and add some fragrance to your house with scented candles, air freshness etc. Exteriors of houses can be well maintained by planting trees and flowers that word make the house look aesthetic.

Are you ready to keep your house clean? Remember , your children develop these skills at home and it stays with them their whole life. Let’s clean up our space for ourselves first. Then, cleaning won’t be a hassle when guests arrive. 

             Have a great day!

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