1750 square feet  Beautiful  house in 3.100 cents 

        Today I would like to  to introduce a beautiful  house . It is situated  in 3.100 cents . It is in ernakulam. It is near to palari vattam. This house has a sliding gate. It is made by GI square tube frame and  designed by GI sheet laser cuttings and duck wood.  It has 4 bedrooms.

       This house has 1750 square feet.Interlocking bricks are used to car porch.The house has made by a contemporary design.

       Granites are used to sitout. Pillars made by cladding tiles. French windows are seen in the sitout.An LED bulb  lighting system is in the upper portion of the sit out.Main door is an attractive  factor.

       The door containing  a chromium strip. We can see a guest living area. Set up a  multi wood TV stand there.  There are 3 pane windows in two corners.A multi wood stand is in the corner.The steps of the windows are made by square tube of stainless steel.A designed colorful tile is here . A lighting system is in the upper side. 

     Dining area has two pane windows . It has a minimal sealing work. Warm colour tone LED strips are used. Clockery and wash area are settled in one area.A wonderful featherlike mirror is used in the wash area.

      Kitchen is made up of rough tiles. It has a L shaped bench top. We can see an electric  chimney . Designated storage spaces are arranged here. Work area is here.

     In downstairs,  there is one master  bed room. A wonderful  sealing work is here. It has 2 windows of 3 layers. cupboard  has one sliding door.We can see a dressing mirror .Under the dressing mirror there is a storage space. It is an attached bed room.

     Gripped tiles are used in the stair case. The sides of the stair cases are made of stainless steel.  Upper side of the staircase has a yellowish  lobby area. 3 bed rooms are in upper side. Normal doors are in the cupboard. 

   The balcony  is made up of same as sit out. This house is for sale. It is in vennala. The prize of this house is 82 lakhs.  

  More details  please contact  :  8089065859

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