10 home businesses starting with low investment 


     Home businesses are small businesses that you operate from our home. This business usually has a very small number of employees. We can start a successful business in our home. In this time when social distance may be important. More people than ever are glad to stay at home for work. The home business is the one that makes the most requirements on your list. Make a  list of home businesses  to get a good income. More people are discovering ways to use work to pursue entrepreneurship with their home.

     Home business is a venture whether full time or part time job that you can start and operate using your own home. We can start home businesses with low investment. You can sell products locally or internationally. You can create a family business. You can see plenty of ways to start a home based business. You can buy products in bulk to sell. Otherwise you make home made products yourself and sell them.

     This business offers numerous benefits. It is a practical option you can make money while you’re practicing social distancing. Fastly you find a business idea that works for you. Today we can see some important  scopeful home business  ideas. 

     We can start a nursery plants business.  It is a profitable business plan. Always people love to live a life in a beautiful surrounding. Gardners are now more interested in finding new varieties of plants. So the nursery  business is a very profitable and demanding business. It is an extremely simple business. First we need land for this business. Then you will need a few stems of the desired plant variety. The method which you will learn for planting will require huge quantities of sand. Prepare the soil bed  with moisture content. Then divide it into narrow lines. Dig the soil at  two feet depth. Fill the quarter height of it with the sand. Stems are planted into the soil with the proper spacing. Water   them at regular intervals.you can select medicinal plants, fruits plants,etc.you can sell fertilizers with it. 

     Pepper can be bought, powdered and sold in packets.It is a very good business  idea. We need a food safety licence and packing license. It is a low investment  business. Its profit may vary based on the yield. You can select  any of the spices. These powders are necessary  ingredients in cooking. You can select a chilli powder ,Coffee powder business  also.

      Next is the payasam making   business.it is a very profitable  business  . We can make an application.  People order payasam through  this application.  We can make a variety  of tasty  payasam . We can sell these payasam to hotels. 

      Laundry business  is a very  business. In town areas, most people  depend on laundry. Hard work and planning is very important. You should know about this business, earn experience  ,learn about marketing, build a team to collect clothes ,register  your business.  

      Mushroom business is another profitable  business.  You will need a spawn to start this business.  You can produce spawn using sterile culture. It is the most productive  and profitable  business. It converts  farmers’ hard work into profit. It requires  little space .It grows  without sunlight. Mushrooms convert wheat or paddy straw into nutritious delicacies, mushroom  is an excellent  source of vitamins,  proteins , minerals. You should study about it and start this business.

     Fish farming is a very profitable business. We can start small scale fish farming  and large scale fish farming. It requires  hard work .Once you are established  as a trusted  source,you will be able to expand  your types of fishes. 

      Poultry rearing is another home based business. We can sell eggs daily to the local markets.we can make packets and sell them to the market. Bag business is a profitable  business.  We can make bags and sell them to the market. 

      Online business  is very important.  We can start an online shop. Collect some materials  and advertise  through online. We can create whatsapp groups and sales through  it.you should make a business  plan.

      We can start Chapati  and papad manufacturing  businesses.  It needs licenses to start these businesses.  We can sell to restaurants, bakeries, super markets,etc. Buy a chapati machine and It helps to start multi level marketing  in the chapati making business.  It is one of the most demanded products in the market.  

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